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We Can Create Your Basic Website


We Can Create Your Basic Website


Your Sample Website

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Word On Wheels started out many years ago as a way to make a good positive difference within society. We would go around providing gifts of flowers and chocolates and sandwich's and drinks etc to random members of the general public. Later on Word On Wheels went to different supermarkets and pay for the groceries of people at the supermarket checkouts. A few years later we opened up a sunday market to reach people we would not usually otherwise meet and along with selling new household items and toys and books, we would also be handing out various gifts of lollies and chocolates and biscuits to various members of the public. as well as giving out Bibles and Bible Pamphlets to those who were interested.

We have now moved Online to provide an online presence to help out our members of the public who are both in business, as well as individuals and organisations to advertise and promote their business and their products and services, as well for individuals to advertise their home items.

If you are a church, school, club, business, or a sporting organisation, then we would like the opportunity to advertise you online, we would even dedicate a page entirely for your organization . 

For individual's who may have a pair of shoes or jacket, or a cubboard or computer etc that you are looking to sell / trade in or swop, then Word On Wheels would be a great opportunity to advertise it in your local area. 

At the moment we at Word On Wheels Have have great deals on advertising and promoting you and your products from 1 week to 1 year for the incredible low rate of $0.00, that includes up to 30 photos in your listing.

So if your an individual or running a business and would like us to draw attention to it, then we could make for you a basic web page for you little like this web site page you are now looking at with photos and contact links.

Free to register and start listing items from 7 days to 12 months. 

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Word On Wheels Australia

Making A Positive Difference Within Our Communities.

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