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The Child Ethel is a caring child with a gentle kind loving heart. Unfortunately she suffers from an unknown skin condition which causes her to continually break out in rash and sores and blisters all over her body, as well as stunting her growth and physical development. At the moment the causes of this problem is unknown, also a cure for this condition is also unknown. If you are able to assist or know of someone who could be able to help Ethel with either a diagnosis and treatment she and her family would be greatly appreciative. Due to her condition she is unable to play with other children her own age, nor is she able to participate in any physical activities due to the weak fragile body she has because of these symptoms. Her body frame is about the size and built of someone about a third to half her age. Family looks forward to any assistance from the medical field which would be able to assist Ethel in a recovery from this condition she has suffered from for the past 12 years since birth.


Papua New Guinea


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