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Drawing Attention To Your Listings

 Website Upcoming Reconstructions.

New improved, more user friendly interactive site. This Website will be undergoing major reconstruction. Where profesfional trades business and those who want to start their own trade business can come to this site. Get an introduction, and if elegable be setup to start their own business within weeks and profit financially from our referrals.



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Q. How much does it cost to advertise with Word On Wheels ?

A. For a limited time it is absolutely free to advertise with Word On Wheels.

Q. How many ads can I put up on Word On Wheels ?

A. At the moment it is set to unlimited.

Q. How many images / photos can I put up with my ad ?

A. For a limited time you can have up to 25 photos / images on each add for FREE.

Q. If I want to add more photos or images how much would that cost ?

A. 10 cents for each photo over the 25 free photos,

Q. How long can I advertise my ad on Word On Wheels ?

A. You have a choice of selections of how long you would like to advertise your ad for ?

Eg, 7 days, 14days, 21 days, 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, 182 days, 365 days.

Q. What happens to my advertisement after the time expires ?

A. If you for eg picked 90 days, and your ad is active for 90 days, after 90 days it will expire and no longer be seen by others.

Q. Can I renew my expired ad ?.

A. Yes you can reactivate your add.

Q. How much will it cost to reactivate my ad ?

A. Depending on your selection and what features you select, at the moment for a standard ad it will cost $6.25 to reactivate an ad for another 12 months after your first 12 months has expired.

7 Days = $0.25

14 Days = $0.45

21 Days = $0.60

30 Days = $0.80

60 Days = $1.50

90 Days = $2.00

182 Days = $3.50

365 Days = $6.25

Additional features may cost more,


Promoted "First"

Promoted "Bold"

Promoted "Border"

Promoted "Background"

Promoted "Special"

Q. Will there always be free 25 photos per listing ?

A. No, this is our promotional and the 25 amount of free photos will be reduced.

Q. Can I get a full page advertisement

A. Yes that could be possible for a small fee.

Q. Can I advertise my own website on Word On Wheels ?

A. Yes that could be possible for a small fee.

Q. How do I post an add ?

A. First you must either register on the website or log in if you are already registered and start posting an add under the "Post Advert" link at the top of the page.

Q. If I see an advert that I am interested, how do I get in contact with the person who is advertising that item ?

A. First you must be registered with Word On Wheels, then you just click on the link in the ad which says, Contact This Advertiser, then fill in the text box with your message and send, a message will be sent to the advertisers email inbox. It will be then up to the advertiser to make contact with you.