Ideal World For Australia

Is Your Parliamentarians Representing You Or Ruling Over You ?

Are They Serving You Or Are They Dictating To You ?

Matthew 20:25-28

But Jesus called them unto him, and said, Ye know that the princes of the Gentiles exercise dominion over them, and they that are great exercise authority upon them.

But it shall not be so among you: but whosoever will be great among you, let him be your minister;

And whosoever will be chief among you, let him be your servant:

Even as the Son of man came not to be ministered unto, but to minister, and to give his life a ransom for many.

Stop The Deadly Scientific Experiments On Our Children And Our Parents And Family

Call for urgent Stop

Evil acts forced upon Aboriginal people

This actually had the support and backing of Scott Morrison, he provided the military and trucks to facilitate this, you don’t even need to be sick or anything, random grab and snatch – so if Scott ok and fully giving military personal and trucks to do it there, no stretch for any premier of other states to make request to Scott Morrison and it happen in other states.

( Now are such laws operating in Queensland and Western Australia )

People now no longer allowed to leave their homes.

Help save our families and children from the government. We all need to help and support one another during this Australian Civil War

Gov – MSM – Get Out Of Our Families – Get Out Of Our Homes – Leave Us And Our Children Alone

Will You Be Next ?

Propaganda, no side in history believes their country has publicized fake propaganda. Yet afterwards found out they did in big way. Whats to say our governments in the western nations are propagating false misleading propaganda trying to peddle it out to its people in a slick professional way like many others in the past to try and make demonic lies appear real in order to deceive their people and to get their support in carrying out their evil plans. Many average Germans in late 30’s early 40’s thought their leaders were right and good in the same way as those in the west blindly believe and follow their governments and MSM in the same way. It wasn’t until after the war ended did many Germans wake up to the reality of their government and country. Whos to say the same about western main stream media who are working hand in hand with big tech – big pharma – deep state – government – MSM ? The Germans believed their media and government and big pharma etc back in those days, should we all blindly believe and follow ours during the medical and information wars that are currently being fought out in our current time we are now living under ?
You think of communism and communist controls they use against their people and speak against it, yet support everything in buying everything and anything from that very same country and people. People speak against human rights abuses of china. However these are the very exact same abusive measures that our governments are wanting to bring upon the citizens of our once great nation. Our government and people speak against china for doing it, yet turn a blind eye to when our country is doing the very exact same thing, yet. They speak against it when it is china who have already implemented them very same controls they themselves want to implement in their own country and upon their own people. Condemn china for it, but justify it when they want to bring the Chinese system to their own nation.

  • Every 4 months – or as requested by a third of an electorate, each elected / selected politician / official must meet with the people of their local electorate in the area of their electorate face to face where the politician / official selected / elected must be scrutenised for at least 3 days and for a 7 hour session where they are questioned by the locals on any subject and put forth their issues and concerns of their local people. Also if the local electorate people of greater than 14% are dissatisfied with the politician / official, then they can be removed and deposed by their local people and set to elect a new politician / official by requiring the concent documentation of the people to hold the position of politician/ official. Otherwise the sheriff’s can remove that politician / official if they fail to turn up to the meetings or fail to serve the interest of the people in their communities.
  • No to Mandatory Injections
  • No to Medical Passports
  • No to Lockdowns
  • No to Lockouts
  • No to Ring Of Steel
  • No to metropolitan – regional divisions
  • No to State Border Walls
  • No to curfews
  • No to QR sign-in
  • No to Digital Currency
  • No to Social Credit System
  • No to selling of water / water rights
  • No to being charged for rainwater landing on private property​
  • No to Mandatory Mask Wearing
  • No to mask wearing / vaccine proof / membership of organization or any other pre requisite for entry into any shop or any public or government or private building or purchasing requirements, or membership for any club or organization
  • No to restriction of movement anywhere within Australia
  • No to restriction of movement to outside of Australia
  • No to vaccination targets & mandates
  • No to Dictatorship Government
  • No to Political Prisoners
  • No to government paying farmers to destroy their crops
  • No to Cloud Seeding & Weather manipulation Radar, etc.
  • No to Full Term Delivery Abortion
  • No to Abortions ( My Body – My Choice – Choice Given To The Body Inside The Woman If He / She Wants To Be Aborted )
  • No to pandemic laws
  • No to woke
  • No to Critical Race Theory ( CRT )
  • End political correctness / woke / CRT
  • No to New Biosecurity Laws & Powers
  • No to Health Act Amendments 2008 & 2010
  • No to No Medical Treatment No Job
  • No to Hate Speech – Anti Conversion Laws
  • No to Quarantine Prison Camps
  • No to Gas Chambers
  • No to giving foreign nations Australian tax payer money
  • No to Nano tracking technologies / biotechnologies
  • No to Nano Technology Vaccines
  • No to Minion Voting​
  • No to Photo ID Requirements for voting in Australian elections – which may restrict those who no longer have or never had photo ID such as senior citizens – some aboriginals in remote villages and townships, those who do not have drivers licenses
  • Check off at voting to identify that voter has not voted before at any other location or postal
  • Check that the person coming to vote at the Poling Booth is who they claim they are
  • Each electorate ballot paper for lower and upper house is registered with unique number which is registered with what the Elector voted for that particular ballot paper. Elector can use that registered number to go online to check their ballot paper was lodged and election registered is same as they voted. Each ballot paper can have a carbon copy of each ballot paper that Electors can take as their proof of who they voted for. Elector can go online and check their registered vote is same as their ballot paper & if does not match their carbon copy, then they can have double selection to click to send an official complaint which brings the entire election must be checked due to incorrect election results.
  • No to thought crimes
  • No to Identity & Disrupt
  • No to Bail-In Laws
  • No to Being Apart Of WEF – UN – WHO – G20 – G7 – NATO – FTG – Five Eyes – IMF – OPEC – etc
  • No to signing and surrendering Australia independent sovereignty to any of the above mentioned organizations
  • No to indefinite detainment without charge
  • No to Suppression Orders Protecting Any Pedophiles
  • No to career politicians ( 2 to 3 terms max )
  • No to Agenda 21
  • No to Agenda 2030
  • No to Net Zero 2050
  • No to Digital Identity Bill
  • No to Digital Economy Strategy 2030
  • No to fully automated control cars
  • No to Digital ID tracking social credit systems / Digital ID cards / Digital Wallets
  • No to Police Helicopters / Drones or any other type of aircrafts Hovering Around Suburbs 24/7
  • No to replacing Beef for Bugs
  • No to Trusted Digital Identity Bill
  • No to Financial Kickbacks To Doctors For Subscriptions & Administering Medications
  • No to politicians getting jobs within the industry and with companies they had to deal with as past members of government ministers
  • A new way of vote counting in elections – two or three groups at each poling locations where each group made up of different people from different groups. These 2 or 3 groups will be responsible for counting the Lower house Ballot Papers, and another group of 2 or 3 groups responsible for counting the Upper house Ballot Papers. Each of these individual group has its own 1 or 2 ballot paper vote reader who calls out the vote results for each vote, eg, whether they count for lower or upper house, For simplicity of understanding we will focus on the lower house, There will be 2 or 3 groups responsible for counting these Ballot Papers. ( The upper house will have identical thing happening for their ballot papers ). This is a group of 3 separate groups of people, they will each have have half or third of all the ballots for the lower house ( depending on whether there is two or three groups counting the Ballots ). In each group there will be 1 or 2 minimum vote callers. They call out the result eg, 1 for candidate A, 2 for candidate B, 4 for candidate C, 6 for candidate D, 5 for candidate E ( calling out the way that ballot paper preferences were allocated ), etc. While 4 or 5 others from different groups tally up the results, eg, each of them 4 or 5 keep a tally of how many 1 for candidate A B & C etc, How many 2 for each candidate, how many 3’s were allocated for each candidate, and so forth. At the end, the 5 people keeping tally check against each others numbers to ensure all have the exact same number of votes and preferences for each candidate, If not, then a re count is issued and a re count is done until they all 5 have the same number for each candidate and each preference for each candidate. Once that is complete, then they hand over all their ballots to the other group to count what they just counted, and likewise, that group gives them the votes that they just counted, and the process continues again until each group has counted each ballot, and each group has the same tally number of each of the other groups. Eg, if after finishing all the counting, and there is a discrepancy between what group 1 counted in the ballots and what group 2 counted in the ballots, then that triggers a re count and process repeats again.
  • Elimination of water bills
  • Elimination of Fluoride in water
  • End Incandescent Light Ban
  • Decriminalize Praying
  • Decriminalize Protesting
  • Ban Police Ketteling & Snatch & Grab
  • Royal Commission into Police Brutally In Victoria
  • Royal Commission into Daniel Andrews
  • Removal of all Property stamp duty and Council Rates
  • End ALL water bills
  • End Fluoride in ALL Australia water
  • Decriminalize Protesting
  • Decriminalize Christian Street Preaching
  • Complete separation of Government / Courts / Police / Military’s – to be directly employed by the people who they swear to serve and protect
  • Raise Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islanders & Non Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islanders citizens of Australia to be true sovereign over land and water, and the government to be in submission / Subordinates ( IN LAW & LORE ) and enforceable by the sovereign citizens of the country’s of Australia
  • Bill Of Human Rights in Australia & restricting government invasion into the home of Australians whether or be via cohesion / manipulation / blackmail for body autonomy, family autonomy.
  • Stronger property rights of All citizens who own property.
  • Shrine in LAW LORE the ultimate supreme rights of parents to be the guardians and protectors of their children without government interference in relation to the supreme above human rights of all Australians as mentioned in above bullet point.
  • No to home invasion & property seizure without warrant
  • No to children and infant mandatory and / cohesion vaccination
  • Yes to marriage support counselling to build stronger and healthier marriages and families
  • Yes to Protestant Christian chaplaincy within schools to council children
  • End no fault divorce
  • No to same sex marriage
  • Royal Commission into government corruption & police brutality & abuses of power
  • Remove the authority of police to be untouchable and as gods in authority
  • Yes to Bill of Human Rights
  • Yes To Freeing Julian Assange & bring him home
  • Create an organisation which looks into physical human health with natural and scientific research to heal the body with non harmful side effects that will aid the human body to cure itself of any aliments or problems ( Treat The Cause – Not The Symptoms ) – ( Cancer – Arthritis – Prostate – Heart – Joint -Tumors – Blood Clots – etc )
  • Yes to Royal Commission into AHPRA & TGA
  • Yes to tightening Elections to restrict fraud voting, ( Registered that once elector voted – all other voting stations that elector registered as already having voted )
  • Yes to multi party & independent candidates registering total vote count at the locations vote totals are calculated
  • Yes to Return To Constitutional Nation
  • Nobody can own any property within Australia unless they are a 100 % Australian Citizen, nobody with foreign citizenship or dual citizenship permitted to own any property / land in Australia,
  • Nobody can own or run any business within Australia unless they are a 100 % Australian Citizen, nobody with foreign citizenship or dual citizenship permitted to own or run any business in Australia,
  • Yes to parents being apart of school curriculum & teaching & assisting children in schools
  • Yes to CHO’s Must be qualified doctors or registered nurses practicing their field of medical for minimum of 15 years treating patients with both natural health and traditional treatments with assistant as CHO with someone in the field of natural health if they only dealt with traditional medicine – and visa versa if they only dealt with natural medical treatments
  • Yes to government end all funding to all private schools and to use the funds to fund the government schools so students there can be the very best educated students with the best equipment and resources and assistance as any student needs so that each student at the government school have the best education and support and encouragement to each student so that each student can achieve whatever they want to set their mind and ability to
  • Yes to healthy food preparation and cooking in all government schools
  • Yes to education in all government school about fiat currency, fractional reserve lending, reserve banks, bonds market and wise money management, and budgeting and investing
  • Yes to education about good and ethical business management & good managing businesses
  • Yes to medical grade hemp / cannabis oil for medical treatments
  • Yes to Cash and the Unofficial Economy
  • Yes to making Australian Farmers Farming on their land profitable
  • Yes to Australian online free and open source versions made / designed of web browser
  • Yes to Australian online free and open source version made / designed interactive social media platform / video share site / road view
  • Yes to Australia owned and operated programs equivalent to google and ebay etc
  • Yes to more local community interactive events
  • Yes to free government school education
  • End private school funding & divert funds into public schools and innovation & empowering public school students to be leaders within their community’s and industries
  • Re-engage parents with greater say & input within the framework of how their public schools run for all parent / student / teacher involvement.
  • Dissolve instant no fault marriage divorce
  • Reinstate marriage ONLY between One Man & One Woman Only recognized in Australia
  • Create marriage retreat and counselling and encouragement organization to enable and encourage all with family’s to stay stronger together to help build and encourage and uplift and support with mutual respect and honesty to build stronger families and communities wherever and whenever possible, with early interventions if things are going wrong within a marriage.
  • Change immigration laws where no longer foreigners marry Australian for one year and then divorce the Aussie and gain citizenship 3 years later, foreigners must remain married and living together for 10 consecutive years before entitled to remain in Australia and with regular 6 month meetings with case workers to ensure marriage is a true and genuine marriage, to end Australia marriage scams and rorts.
  • Re-direct the billions of dollars Australia gives to other wealthy nations towards community projects such as ending homelessness for many homeless Australians.
  • Improve the health care system so it works towards those who fall through the cracks, and look at natural ways to heal common health problems instead of known dangerous drugs, Treat the CAUSE – Not the symptoms
  • All public schools to teach Australia Constitution
  • A) Know your Constitutional rights
  • B) Know your State Human Rights.
  • C) Know your rights in Law
  • D) Know your rights in Common Law
  • D) Every Australian citizen to receive a booklet of the Australian Constitution & their rights in Law
  • Introduction of a bill of Human Rights in Australia or any Australian on any vessel or at sea or on a aircraft or on foreign soil
  • Reinstate Protestant Christian Chaplain in all schools & Bibles in Hotel / Motel rooms
  • Vote for people you actually know and trust – True Local Representation
  • Have State & Federal Upper & Lower Houses full of civilian representatives
  • Parliament House Open to public Monday to friday when parliamentarians are at parliament
  • Openly Publicize Results Of Woods Royal Commission Findings & The Mullighan Inquiry Findings
  • Removal of all pedo suppression orders
  • Australian currency backed by previous metals such as Gold / Silver / Copper / Platinum etc
  • Yes to Australian money backed by various precious metals such as Gold – Silver – Platinum – Copper etc.
  • Removal of “The New International Law Economic Order Implications For Australia”
  • Introducing the Nuremberg Code into Australian law.
  • Bring back ivermectin
  • Removal of land rates
  • Removal stamp duty
  • Yes to – Portioned Direct Democracy ( Not Mob Rule – Inline with Human Rights – Mechanisms In Place So Majority Population Not Over Ride Or Infringe On Minority Rights ) Australian Citizens Vote On ALL Legislation brought before parliament – Any bill brought before parliament which pass through Lower & Upper Houses MUST pass through the Citizens of Australia before it becomes law, Elections every 3 or 4 months where each citizen votes on each single legislation brought before parliament and must pass citizens before it gets royal consent to become Law.
  • Yes to Early Elections for Electorate If 35 % Of That Electorate Dissatisfied With Current Sitting Member Performance As Member Of Parliament to trigger a bi-election
  • Reduction of home / credit loan durations down to 6 years maximum
  • Support & Rights For Marginalized Minorities and Powerless / Voiceless
  • Zero tax on food / education / clothing / accommodation
  • Gas / Electricity / Water free to all homes as a universal human right of all Australians.
  • Reinstate / Reconfirm Sovereignty
  • Introduce & Create Radio & Television & News Papers which specifically only focus on good news and uplifting stories within communities
  • Empower Dad & Mum brick & mortars small business to be successful and thrive
  • Bring Australian manufacturing back into business – Cars – Trucks – Bus – Trains – Trams – Televisions – White Goods – etc.
  • Reduce the cost of living – One income to afford to raise a family and afford to go on holidays together
  • Re-Establish Affordability of 1 working class income per household sufficient to raise a family of 6 comfortably.
  • Return to free quality public education – Primary – Secondary – Tertiary
  • Resource and equip every child within the public school system with easy to access resources and support and knowledge to enable them to become anything they want from plumber to politician to business owner to artist or scientist or sports person shop keeper or humanitarian or anything in-between
  • End Car registration rates & replaced with every 2 year car inspection for road worthiness to ensure proper working order & safety for occupants and other outside the vehicle
  • Create lawful system where as if any government or government minister should in any way create a system or law which impedes on the rights or liberty of a law abiding citizen or group of citizens due to body autonomy whether that person is born or not, from going about its lawful abiding ways, such as subscription, cohesion, compulsion that would effect the soverign individuals about going about their normal daily activities which are not a crime to do, then mechanism in place to enable the citizens to be unhindered to have the means and abilities to remove that member or government or members from their position of government and where appropriate charged should they be in suspicion of being guilty of a crime against the citizens of Australia or citizens of another nation. Such groups / barriers / organisations such as police / guards / security guards /security barriers to be in submission to the authority of the citizens, and by no means must they be prevented, to do so would invoke the right of citizens to remove or arrest the barriers or people who are blocking their right to carry out their lawful right and duty as a citizen of Australia. Citizens of Australia will have full authority to arrest any police or guard or security officer blocking a citizen from carrying out their lawful duty in a government office or building or or place where any government official maybe, both state and federal.
  • Train all citizens within the public school system of their rights as mentioned above, and to train them of their rights as officers of Australia as a right of sovereign citizen, and train them how to carry out such authority should it be tampered with in their lives. This to be taught in all government education institutions to have their lawaful rights known both intellectually and how to physically carry out their rights, both state and federal.
  • No government buildings will be off limits to Australian citizens, and their free rights to audit the books and records and any other government documentations within any government organisation both state and federal.
  • The Australian government both state and federal combined shall not exceed that of the power of the Australian Sovereign citizens of which to be able to over power. At all times the the legal and military power and physical powers of the government shall never exceed that of the legal or military or physical power of the sovereign citizens of Australia of which would prevent the Australian citizens from seizing immediate power from the any Australian government whether it be state or federal or both
  • Australian citizens shall be free to at all times be able to be move and travel unrestricted from moving from any state or territory of Australia to any other state or territory of Australia in order to defend the rights of citizens of another state or territory.
  • No law in Australia shall directly or indirectly effect any religious observance or practice such as body autonomy of any individual body autonomy whether the individual is born or unborn as such was the case of the 2020 – 2022 scamdemics.
  • Nation Wide / State / Territory Royal Commission Into Scamdemics / Poisoning / Breach Of Authority Positions Within the Scamdemic Period & 10 years leading up to
  • Yes to it being Treason to doctors getting direct or indirect benefit from pharmaceutical companies or related companies working on behalf or funded by directly or indirectly by pharmaceutical companies order for pharmaceutical companies to get sales from doctors or doctor patients
  • Complete overhaul and royal commission into pharmaceutical companies
  • Yes to Australia getting out of Ukraine
  • Free and liberate Julian Assange – Bring him back home.
  • End ALL cloud seeding and weather manipulation and weather warfare
  • Life Imprisonment for anyone injecting anyone with bioweapons
  • Life Imprisonment for anyone denying medical exemption for not getting injected
  • Life Imprisonment for anyone forcing employee to receive a bioweapon injection
  • Life Imprisonment for anyone sacking employees for not taking bioweapon injections
  • Life Imprisonment for anyone mandating bioweapon injections
  • Life Imprisonment for anyone planning / organizing or implementing any bioweapon facilities, or sourcing / distributing bioweapons
  • Life Imprisonment for anyone denying anything due to not being injected with bioweapons
  • Life Imprisonment for anyone sourcing / distributing bioweapons
  • Re-establish manufacturing within Australia ( Australia use to make Televisions and Cars Economically viable and profitable )
  • Vote for people you actually know and trust – is a Parliament / Senate full of very wealthy lawyers truly a representative of you ?
  • Have parliament doors open during the day without restriction to the public other than security scans for weapons and allowable for full access to parliament observing in the physical and not just on a screen.
  • Body cameras for politicians so all day uploaded online parliamentarian website so people can see history of any parliamentarian at any day of their official duty
  • Every parliamentarian must have each year submitted for all public record every Bill they have introduced, every Policy they have voted on and which way they voted, every organisation the have dealt with while in office, their bank balances of their bank accounts, and that of their family members, and their bank balances after each year, and all contracts and deals they have made with any company / group / organisation while in office. Including 8 years after leaving office to ensure no dealings have been made to profit years after their term in office ends.


Had enough of the past 28 months ? Then Join.

To The Glory And Honour Of God Lets Reclaim Australia & all the States & Territories

Sack Them All

Every Single State & Federal Member Of Parliament

Vote Them All Out

How Elections Are Traditionally Won In Australia Due To Electoral Fraud

Have you ever had to fight for anything in your life ? Fight for your children ? Fight for your freedom ? Fight for your husband ? Fight for your wife ? Fight for your home ? Fight for your parents ? Fight for your family ? Fight council ? Fight bad trades people ? Fight insurance companies ?

You Are Apart Of My Human Race – I Love You

True Love Cast Out All Fear – There Is No Fear In Love

 I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly. John 10:20

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved. John 3:16-17

Was Watching This Movie ( “V For Vendetta” ) from almost 20 years ago, and terms words used in this movie are words we would not have heard about up until February 2020. How ironic. Watching the movie it was as if it were a real life Autobiography of governments today in each of our own nations.

Do You have the strength to stand up to tyranny ?

There is a line in the movie that says “The People Should Not Be Afraid Of The Government – The Government Should Be Afraid Of The People”.

The government controlled the populations through fear, through always blasting the main stream media with continual false news and fake and twisted stories and narratives of war and terrorist attacks and contagious virus outbreaks in order to deceive the citizens and to clamp down on its citizens with complete control of every persons life, with strict curfew and forbidden to go to certain areas. If things did not go their way and it was seen by all, then their stories would change, etc.

Do you have the courage and strength and no fear in order to stand up to a tyrant government ?

Wouldn’t it be a terrible prediction that a third of all humans will die within the next few years based on doctors and scientific research of what people have been putting into their bodys within the past 2 and a half years which fulfilled scripture of.

Revelations 16:3 And the second angel poured out his vial upon the sea; and it became as the blood of a dead man: and every living soul died in the sea. 4  And the third angel poured out his vial upon the rivers and fountains of waters; and they became blood. 5 And I heard the angel of the waters say, Thou art righteous, O Lord, which art, and wast, and shalt be, because thou hast judged thus.

Galatians 4:16 Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?

Look what is being taught in schools – This and much worse is being taught in schools around Australia

There are other videos of some things that are being shown, so disgusting that I can not bare to watch let alone share

Why is Australia giving $650 million to Indonesia, $100 million to Ukraine, $50 million to Sri Lanka ? As stated by Australia Senator. Video below 9:56

How much of these huge hundreds of millions of Australian tax payer dollars going over seas goes to support australias most vulnerable ? To assist Australian homeless and those who have lost everything, and those who can not afford heating and food in winter or whos family business went under under government policies ? What did you get out of it for you and your family ?

This is from the link below.


John 13:12-14

So after he had washed their feet, and had taken his garments, and was set down again, he said unto them, Know ye what I have done to you?

Ye call me Master and Lord: and ye say well; for so I am.

If I then, your Lord and Master, have washed your feet; ye also ought to wash one another’s feet.

This is the example of true service of leaders and ambassadors and representatives, is to lower themselves to serve the needs of their people, like a waiter in a restaurant taking your order and serving you your meal. Not to exault themselves – but to humble themselves lower than the ones they serve – the sign and mark of a true leader.

Have Someone In Parliament Who Represents You.

Someone Who Speaks For You On Your Behalf.

Not Someone Who Dictates To You.

But Rather Someone Who Takes Your Concerns – Issues From You.

And Takes Them Issues To Government As Your Mouth Piece.

And With The Resources Of All Of The Country.

To Meet & Address The Needs Of Your Local Community.

And Do As You Have Requested.

John 10:10

The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.